About me

My vision

is that we live in a world where finance is easy for everyone


My mission

is to help you experience ease and confidence around money.


Main benefits

Clarity, ease, confidence (equals: less stress)

My background

My name is Wouter Lenis, I am 37 years old and I have been working in debt management for over 10 years and I have a degree in Business Economics. I have been coaching individuals for the last 3 years.


Why financial coaching? 

When I was 21 I messed up my financial situation and had nothing but debt. I had a lot of fear, anxiety and shame around money.


I never wanted to experience the same thing again.


And: I don't want you to have that experience. That's why Financial Coaching.


How I work

The coaching you get is action-driven and is always aligned with the goals you want to achieve.


You will get weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions. In between you will get assignments that are hands on. So you won't just get great insights, you will actually deal with your finances in a way that works.


Whenever you are stuck, you reach out and get to source of your stuckness.


And repeat.

Your benefits

You will:

  • save money by investing now.
  • have more freedom.
  • experience a sense of ease you never had before.
  • lower your stress level.
  • raise your confidence.
  • resolve financial issues quickly.
  • get clarity on your financial goals and current status.
  • take action instead off being stuck.