Financial Clarity

This coaching package is designed to get great results for people who want to transform their relationship with money.


If you feel anxious, scared or even messed up around money.




You know what you want and somehow you are not getting what you want.


This is coaching package is for you!


In this 7 week 1-on-1 coaching package you will find a new relationship with your money and take leadership over your finances. 


In this program you will take a deeper look at the four pillars of your financial situation. 

All these financial pillars come with their own sets of emotions, feelings and stories, that is the base where you will work on for 10 weeks. 


The program

  • One hour of coaching every week
  • 1 in person VIP-sessions (2.5  hours)
  • Assignments in between every coaching session
  • Support via text and email during the program


Contact me on Whatsapp (+31 6 4149 2602), Facebook or here.


Your Coach In Finance