Nadine Horn, London


"I am very grateful to Wouter. He is an incredible coach in the world of money. His skill is the soberness he brings around money and has taught me to just notice, be curious and stay connected with debtors and people I have borrowed money from.


Before I had a fear around money, would freak out if my bill was to high, a payment was due and I couldn't make the payment or I received a fee. I would beat myself up of having failed jump into a dark place of pity and waste a lot of energy in this place.


Now I can stay solid and its easier for me to take responsibility around money, make sure I take care of myself first and have confidence around money that helped to easily ask to borrow big amounts of money knowing that I can handle the process.


Wouter has been of incredible help to me of staying grounded when the sensation and panic around money pricked up. He has an incredible skill of staying simply on the noticing ground without any extra stories. Due to his coaching I learned how to stay conscious (not freaking out and stay calm), take action and learn how to hold more. I learned to stay connected with debtors, creditors and money requests, express where I am at financially without beating myself up and gaining the confidence that I can borrow and handle money and can communicate when things change."


Jamal Johnson, New York


"Thanks to working with Wouter I have been able to look at where I am and where I want to be. Seeing the difference tells me what I need to do next. That has always been the scary part and where I’ve hidden.


Wouter holds people really well and doesn’t make them wrong. Wouter delivers on his promises. I feel like we did all that we promised to. I got to take a look at where I am without judgement and with clarity and care.


About Financial Clarity: It’s a well thought out, easy to understand program that marries emotion and finance. "